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The journey to Mantra Montessori has been long and windy for Ms. Seema. Now, she is finally living her dream. She always wanted to create an environment where kids could find joy in learning and experience it themselves. Ms. Seema has attended community college to gain her California early childhood education units. Ms. Seema started and successfully ran a home based child care in Cupertino from 2006-2020, with the idea to start a preschool, Mantra Montessori, being born in 2014. Additionally in 2019, Ms. Seema took ownership of You&Me Children's Center in Petaluma. She oversees that both these facilities are equipped sufficiently for staff and children with the tools necessary to ensure the safety and security of all. You will see her on the premises checking on how things are going and perhaps asking the parents about their thoughts on the school. She welcomes you and your child to come visit our schools and experience the incredible learning and joy that our schools offer. We are looking forward to getting to know your family.




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